Canine Care

Dog Vaccinations

Puppies first receive immunity to diseases through their mothers when they drink the first milk or colostrum. Puppies need the get the colostrum within the first 24 to 48 hours after being born. After that their ability to absorb mom’s protection is diminished. Because dogs can have varying litter sizes and can take up to 36 hours to have all their pups the amount of colostrum available to each pup depends on their litter size and birth order. It also matters if mom had the proper vaccinations and had created the necessary immunoglobulins to pass on their protection. With all of this in mind we generally recommend starting puppy vaccinations between their 7 and 8th week of life. To do it sooner is not beneficial as Mom’s immunity would take care of the vaccines antigenic stimulation (this wains at approximately 7 weeks). Also a pups immune system is not functioning until around the 7 week mark of their life. Each Veterinarian has their own preference for what dogs should get and in what order. It is generally agreed by all however that a pup needs a minimum of three “core vaccines” at three to four week intervals. We recommend starting at 7 to 8 weeks. If a pup is considered at higher risk there are some vaccines that can be started earlier. Some breeds may also benefit from a fourth shot because their breed is at higher risk! We will be happy to share our recommendations with you during your visits. We also encourage people to stop by for a “pet and a treat” with your dogs if you are in the “hood”. We try and get your pets to be more comfortable coming in for some loving instead of being jabbed or hurt on each visit!